AustraNesia Music highlights artists of Australian Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Melanesian and Polynesian heritage.

It’s beginnings took place in the tropical Far Northern region of Cairns, Queensland Australia. It was created to give a platform and voice to artists’ original music from these regions. This is in an effort to preserve our languages and maintain the use of traditional instruments as we tell our stories through contemporary song. It was also created to be multi-dimensional in its offerings.

With the idea conceived in late 2012 by Polynesian music educator, songwriter/arranger, Rubina Kimiia, and further developed and co-founded with Torres Strait multi-instrumentalist/engineer/producer, Will Kepa, the concept has evolved since its initial gathering of local artists in January 2013. Six months later saw them launch their first album, simply titled, Sounds of AustraNesia.

Rubina Kimiia

Will Kepa

  • Each artist in AustraNesia are encouraged to write their own songs, tell their own stories, in their preferred genre.
  • Each song must include their AustraNesian language woven within.
  • Each song must include traditional instrumentation woven throughout.
  • Each artist is featured whilst remaining artists form an accompanying choir.

Songs are arranged vocally by Rubina and instrumentally by Will. They share directing and producing roles.


  • Sounds of AustraNesia, the ‘mother’ group is made up of men and women, confident to write and deliver their own songs – most being seasoned performers.



  • Voices of AustraNesia, is to nurture members from our community with musical opportunities to grow in confidence and skill.


  • Rhythms of AustraNesia, multi-instrumentalists who play professionally and weave both traditional instrumentation and contemporary genres with ease.


  • AustraNesia Members are those professional artists that have performed with us, but who do not yet have a song yet recorded on an AustraNesia album.