Thousands of voices across thousands of generations of women. A timeless tapestry of story and song that weave women strong.

A nervous bride journeys with family across turbulent seas to marry and settle on an island far from home and all she knows. A sudden squall whips up her fear and she calls out for help from her ancestors. A mysterious old woman emerges from the wedding party to be her companion, weaving timeless stories and songs to pass the time. Seven stories of the lives of seven women. Not all the stories are happy. Some are painful, some difficult to hear. Some have unexpected twists and turns, but all give insight to the brilliance and resilience of womanhood, their bravery, vulnerability and endurance. The bride must ride out the storm of her own fears, learn from each of the stories the old woman offers, and turn to face her own story and her new life with her husband with courage.

Woven is a tribute to family, a celebration of women and the part they play in making family strong, a poignant and powerful testament of how we are all woven across time and across cultures through the family of humanity.